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The dream team

Problem solvers. Over achievers. Persistent people pleasers. All round great gals.

Nat, Lorna and Hayley had worked together in telly admin for nearly 10 years before they started Beeline. With over four decades of solving problems in the world of telly advertising, they’re fearless in the face of TV admin challenges. From clearance to contracts, briefing to broadcast, Beeline makes it a breeze.

At your service

We love a challenge. Give us a call to discuss your specific project.

Our services include (but aren’t limited to):

Pre production:

  • Pre-production clearance in the UK and overseas mandatory markets
  • Talent management including casting briefs for producers, cost estimates for artists, artist negotiations and contracts
  • Product clearance
  • Transmission estimates
  • Generating clock numbers/codes for UK and overseas markets

Post production:

  • Final clearance in the UK and overseas mandatory markets
  • Managing distribution orders and captioning
  • Generating and issuing copy rotation instructions for UK and overseas markets
  • Assisting with reconciliations
  • Coordinating music licensing

We’re flexible - we’ll work on a job-by-job basis, offer holiday or sick cover, or even work on a monthly retainer.

However, whenever, whatever: we’ll get your ads from A to Bee.


What’s Beeline about?

I’ve been in the TV admin business for over 12 years so I understand the challenges our clients face on a daily basis. Together, Nat and Lorna and I have experience in all aspects of telly admin and now we’re able to combine our specialities while staying super focussed; with Beeline we offer our clients a tailored, efficient and super friendly service.

Why are you partnering with Honeycomb?

Honeycomb’s mission is exactly the same as ours: to make clients’ lives easier by giving them better solutions. They’ve actually built their platform from the users’ point of view, so their system really does make things simpler for clients. Much of the work in telly admin is building the connections between lots of moving parts, and working with Honeycomb means we can make even more of those connections happen.

Sounds modern.

It is! Working with cutting edge technology which is always improving makes us super effective. I love seeing clients’ ads on air, and our experience combined with Honeycomb’s tech means more of that - which can only be a good thing.

Hayley Mills


What’s the story behind the Beeline team?

I was introduced to Hayley and Nat while working at BSkyB. I was so impressed with their service that I jumped over to Traffic Bureau to work with them. They are phenomenal - I feel so lucky to have been mentored by the best in the business.

What’s your specialty?

Rocky road bars. Everyone goes nuts for them.

I mean in the business?

Oh, well technically it’s international clearance and distribution but what I really specialise in is solving problems and building relationships.

What’s the one thing you guys can offer clients that others can’t?

Without revealing all our secrets, we’ve got an incredible partnership with Honeycomb. Their support is seriously brilliant and give us more efficient ways of getting the job done every day.

Lorna Harrison


What’s best about Beeline?

Our collective experience. How we work brilliantly as a team. The ability to customise what we can offer clients to meet their exact needs.

How long have you been in the business?

Let’s just say when I started you could smoke in the office and the fax machine was key. My first year in the business was Lorna’s first year on the planet….enough said.

What do you like most about working in advertising?

The excitement of working on really huge campaigns, like Barclaycard and Volkswagen. Handling big shoots, big talent, big crowds, and big tracks gives me a huge adrenaline rush.

I find sorting out artists’ contracts and music licencing very satisfying (which is good, because I’ve been doing it for years). But now, Honeycomb has made things so simple that I finally find it easy to do a playout order, making my job a bit easier, and our clients even happier.

Natalie Ackers